The Matterhorn glacier ride takes passengers on an unbelievably spectacular journey to Europe’s highest cable car station at 3,821 metres above sea level.

Running alongside the existing cable car, the world’s highest tri-cable gondola has been carrying passengers from the Trockener Steg station to the Matterhorn glacier paradise since 2018. The Matterhorn glacier ride offers an extremely comfortable and luxurious journey in cabins designed by Pininfarina. The star attractions of the modern gondola are its four Crystal ride cabins, which are adorned with Swarovski crystals. During the nine-minute journey, the four special cabins reveal a spectacular sight: three minutes in, the previously opaque glass floor clears in a matter of seconds, giving passengers a (crystal) clear view of the breathtaking glacier landscape below. On arrival at the Matterhorn glacier paradise, the summit lift carries visitors to an astonishing panorama that takes in the largest glaciers in the Alps and 38 giant peaks spanning the Italian, French and Swiss Alps. The highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc, seems close enough to touch.









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